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Sam is a Filipino-American voice actress and percussionist from the city of Hampton, Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay. She began her journey as a performer in 1999 on piano and studied percussion, saxophone, and baritone horn before beginning her acting studies in 2020. Sam loves to travel and has a soft spot for east coast beaches that remind her of her hometown. In her spare time, she enjoys tending to her houseplants, playing video games, and spending lazy days off with her dogs (Rico and Yoshi) and her husband.


Sam's passion for her work in video games is fueled by a childhood of RPG gaming, particularly Pokemon (which she shares a birthday with!). A few of her notable roles include Topaz from Honkai: Star Rail, Rosetta from Punishing: Gray Raven, Janet in Brawl Stars, and Abigail from Epic Seven.


Find Sam on Twitter at @samsladevo and more info on her website,

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