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Aaron Sparrow broke into the comics industry as a copy editor for Tokyopop, eventually moving on to write English adaptations of manga titles such as Devil May Cry 3, Hyper Police, the critically acclaimed Dragon Head, as well as the story “Family Values” for Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft: Legends anthology. In 2009, Aaron became the Lead Editor on Disney/Pixar/Muppets titles, developing their all-ages line and masterminding the triumphant return of Disney’s Darkwing Duck with artist James Silvani. Aaron has also worked on comic books with DreamWorks Animation and Sesame Workshop, and returned as writer to Joe Books’ Darkwing Duck monthly comic series in 2016. His work can most recently be seen on season 4 of HBO Max's animated series, Young Justice: Phantoms, as well as MERC Publishing’s Miss Meow and Deathrage. 

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